Road Legal Quads for Sale

Road legal quads for sale can be found in the US, Canada, Europe, and numerous other areas. Most countries have strict rules on the legalities of riding a quad bike on the road. Drivers will need to have proper licensing and registration, along with insurance and other paperwork that may be required in your state. A street-legal ATV should also include a rearview mirror, brake lights, headlights, and turn signals.  Listed below are some of the best road legal ATVs for sale.

2011 Yamaha YFM700R

The Yamaha YFM700R Raptor is one of the best road legal quads for sale. This powerful machine is capable of 6500 RPM and 38.7 BHP, making it perfect for experienced riders. It is currently available in red, black, blue, and white. The chassis is made of steel and alloy, giving it agility on off-road conditions and stability on the highway.

Yamaha owners will be pleased with the large selection of accessories available for the YFM700R. Riders who have extra cash can choose between several upgrades, with the most impressive being the DMC dual-outlet exhaust. This product creates extra torque, helping the engine to rev more powerfully. The exhaust also creates an aggressive sound during accelerations and top speeds. If you are buying YFM700R used quads for sale, you can replace the original parts with products like Heel Guard, Goldspeed Silver tires, Renthal Fatbars, and Spider Grips.

Venom Evil

The Venom Evil is one of the most impressive quads for sale for budget users. This product is sold by Mitsubishi and imported from China, making it much cheaper than ATVs sold by major brands like Yamaha or Kawasaki. Cheap quads for sale with street legal capabilities are difficult to find, so the Venom Evil is an excellent choice if you do not have a big budget.

The Venom Evil sports a 250cc liquid cool engine to give it mid-range speed capability. Although kids quads for sale are not legal on roads, this machine can easily be driven by 16+ year olds who are trying out their first bike. With sporty alloy wheels and a twin exhaust, this ATV is guaranteed to attract attention.

The tasteful chrome splattering highlights the crash bars, speedometer, mirrors, and grips. The 14 inch alloy wheels are the most significant feature on the Venom Evil, with the kind of design that is usually only seen on a concept computer screen. However, these beautiful tires also comes packing with safety feature. The tire’s outer walls are made from polyurethane, making them extremely tough and even allowing you to drive with a flat tire.

Those who are interesting in ATV specs will appreciate the 6500 RPM and top speed of 60 mph. There are four standard gear and one reverse gear. A hydraulic braking disc system is included along with shock absorbers and swing arm suspension. Whether you are looking for new or used quads for sale, the Venom Evil is a great choice. Unfortunately, it is not available on US markets yet.


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